About the DSP

The Democratic Socialist Perspective was organised to build a mass revolutionary socialist party that is capable of organising the Australian working class to bring into being a socialist society through replacing the political rule of the capitalist class with a government of the working class. See Program of the DSP.

However, a mass revolutionary socialist party in this country will never be built simply by the incremental growth of the existing small socialist propaganda groups. The road to such a party will be conditioned by the specific social conditions and political developments that emerge. Crucial in this process will be the consistent effort by the consciously revolutionary forces to win over and fuse with the leaderships that emerge in the working class. The DSP sees the struggle to build a broadly based anti-capitalist party as a stage in the struggle for a mass revolutionary party in this country.

At its 24th Congress on January 2, 2010, the DSP merged into the Socialist Alliance.